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A Metaphor For Trina's Garden


In the autumn, a sense of both loss and new beginnings enters the emotional landscape. This was what was revealed in an interview I had with Trina.   

As we hung out in her community garden plot, which is now mostly ‘finished’, Trina talked about her best gardening moments and what she might do differently next year.

Trina's garden plot

Lea: This year you had your very first garden plot in the city. What were the highlights? 

Trina: Planting in the spring was really fun. But before that was preparing the soil and getting rid of the weeds; adding the compost manure; turning the soil; preparing the soil for planting was definitely a lot of fun. And then planting. I planted flowers and vegetables.

Lea: If your garden was a metaphor for your life, what would that metaphor be?

Trina: Flowers are like new ventures in life. A new beginning. Something about to blossom. Nurturing that blossoming plant helps it to reach it's true potential. To mature. What comes from that flower is an amazing bundle of life. The seed. The result of that new beginning. And that venture can continue to grow from that seed that was produced from that new beginning.

Lea: Wow. Thanks, Trina....Did anything unexpected happen in your garden? 

Trina: I just wanted to plant flowers but then I thought, ‘wait a minute.’ I wanted to make really good use of my little garden space so I thought, “I better get some garden vegetables in there as well"... Also, we had issues with geese. They were eating the dill. The members of the community garden installed chicken wire around the garden to solve this problem. And it worked.  

Lea: Very nice. Did you learn anything new?

Trina: What I noticed is that the basil is super sensitive to cold weather at night. It went brown. That was kind of sad. 

Lea: What are your favourite memories of the garden? 

Trina: Visiting it after work. That was my favourite thing to do. It got me out of my apartment. It kept me busy. It made me feel like I had some purpose. Going out after work; getting some fresh air; checking on the vegetables, the flowers; the walk – it’s a short walk but the walk to the garden was nice. A little bit of exercise. It was very enjoyable. 

Lea: What kind of special moments were you able to experience because of the garden? 

Trina: I pressed marigold and cosmos to make designs with. I made tomato sauce with my plum tomatoes. And I put cherry tomatoes in my salad. I used the basil to flavour the tomato sauce. 

Lea: What might you do differently next year? 

Trina: I’m going to start more plants from seed at home. There are more varieties of flowers available in seed packages than there are pre-grown in garden centres. I want long-stemmed Zinnias and usually the garden centres just have the short-stemmed varieties. 

Lea: As the gardening season is coming to a close, what are your feelings or closing thoughts? 

Trina: Now that we’re going into autumn I get a sense of change. But it’s different from the sense of change that I feel in the spring. With autumn I get a sense of potential – like there’s bottled up potential. Kind of like, saving energy. Because of this feeling of potential I’m excited about the future. I’m hopeful. 

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