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October 10, 2012

Bring Coleus Indoors

To Grow As A House Plant


Coleus is a wonderful therapeutic plant because of its unusual foliage and ability to root easily from stem cuttings. This beautiful annual can be planted in gardens, containers or raised flower boxes, preferably in partial shade. Stem cuttings can be taken through out the growing season and rooted in soil for indoor use. Coleus is an excellent house plant, as long as you keep it close to a bright window.

Now that it's Autumn and there is danger of frost, I have completely cut back the coleus and brought the cuttings indoors. Planting coleus with a group from a Horticultural Therapy program has proven beneficial. This plant provides sensory stimulation; promoting curiosity and fascination. Participants express enjoyment as they touch, and look at the leaves. After planting the cuttings, participants express a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 


Below is a picture of a stem cutting from a coleus plant



Easy steps for planting coleus cuttings:

  • Cut 4" cuttings from a coleus plant 
  • Remove lower leaves (usually the bottom four) 
  • Fill 4" plastic pots with indoor potting soil to the top of the container 
  • Plant one cutting per pot 
  • Press soil firmly around the stem 
  • Add more soil to the container; up to the top  
  • Put all of the pots together in a plastic tray 
  • Water each container and pour an inch of water in the tray 
  • Keep the soil moist for 2-3 weeks 
  • The cuttings should have roots within 3-5 weeks 
  • Water plants less after 3-5 weeks to encourage new roots to search for water 
  • Transplant into 6" pot in 6-8 months 
  • Pinch off flowers to promote bushy growth
  • Cut back stems if they appear to be too tall. Use those cuttings to root and grow more coleus plants.

rooting coleous cuttings

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix



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