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July 2, 2012

Guelph, Ontario


Flowers For The Butterflies -

A Butterfly Gardening Lesson


One of my goals in gardening is to make a butterfly friendly space with hopes of supporting each stage of their lifecycle. You can attract butterflies to your garden by planting flowers that are good sources of food for these amazing flying insects. The flowers will help support the adult stage of the lifecyle.

Butterflies appear to drink nectar from certain flower shapes and structures:

  1. Spikes of closely placed small flowers 
  2. Clusters of small flowers 
  3. Composite or daisy shape flowers 
  4. Large single flowers 


1. Spikes of closely placed small flowers- Blue Vervain, Blazing Star, Salvia, Veronica

Blue Vervain


2. Clusters of small flowers - Butterfly Weed, Phlox, Verbena and Yarrow

butterfly weed


3. Composite or daisy shape - Coreopsis, Shasta Daisy, Purple Cone Flower and Black Eyed Susan



4. Large single flowers - Daylily, Holly Hock and Hibisicus


Now you know some flowers that butterflies can drink nectar from.  Next time you're at a garden centre looking for plants you will be able to determine which flowers will attract butterflies based on the four shapes and structures listed above. 

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix

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