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How To Make Potpourri



To make potpourri, you need dried scented flowers. This recipe calls for dried lavender and rose petals which you can grow yourself or purchase. To find out how to dry your own flowers, please see the article on How To Dry Herbs.  


The following recipe is for a lovely lavender and rose scented mixture that can uplift and calm the mood: 


4 tbsp dried lavender flowers 

4 tbsp dried rose petals 

2 tbsp orris root powder (optional) 

2 drops rose essential oil 

2 drops lavender essential oil 


1. Put all dry ingredients in a jar.  

2. Add the essential oil and cover.  

3. Shake well. Keep in jar for 2 weeks, shaking every other day.  

4. After 2 weeks, place your mixture in a bowl to scent a room or put the ingredients into a sachet so that you can place it in a linen drawer. Your potpourri mixture’s scent can be revived when it starts to lose its strength, by putting the ingredients back into a jar and repeating steps 2 through 4. 


To make a potpourri, you will need to cut a circle of cloth about 6 inches in diameter. The cloth should have stitches tight enough so that the potpourri mixture will not fall through the material, yet it should also be ‘breathable’ so that the scent can evaporate nicely through the fibers. Place the potpourri mixture in the middle of the cloth and gather up the edges. Wrap an elastic band around the outside of the cloth so that the elastic sits right on top of the lump of dried flowers when tightly wrapped around. Tie a pretty ribbon around, hiding the elastic band. Voila! Your sachet is ready for your linen drawer, to put under your pillow or to give as a gift to a friend. 



Written By: Lea Tran



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