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Living Walls At Canada Blooms 2012  

Canada Blooms and the National Home Show were together at the Direct Energy Centre this year March 16-25th 2012. I took my time going through the garden show and I didn’t even make it to the home show portion. There were a lot of displays of plants and gardens that caught my attention but most all I found the living walls very intriguing. I was also on the hunt for a few items including bonsai, hens-and-chicks, and African violets.  

This year’s theme at Canada Blooms was CityCulture combining horticulture and art to create beautiful and effective urban gardens. The challenges of gardening in a city is limited space, limited selection of plants, and challenging growing conditions. I find urban gardening fascinating because of the imaginative ideas that have gained popularity such as vertical gardening and living walls.  

Living walls can be artistic outdoor sculptures using various grasses and succulents.  

 artistic living wall structure

 Living walls can use house plants to cover a large wall in an office building. 


vertical living wall

Living walls or green walls can also be functional for grow vegetables and herbs. Notice below the natural screen made out of weeping willow. This could be used to create privacy between neighbours or passersby on the road. It appears that they put live branches in soil to root and used pieces of wood to create a lattice effect. This could be done in a planter box to contain the roots. The green walls on either side of the weeping willow screen resembles skids. I imagine you could line the back and sides of the skid with landscape fabric and then pack soil inside the skid. Vegetables and herbs can be planted in between the pieces of wood. You would need to keep the skid horizontal until the roots establish and eventually set it up vertically on a wall.


Skid for Vertical Gardening

Interested in making a living wall? Here is a link to a project that can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix  


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