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January 27, 2013  

Planting Geranium Seeds Indoors


  • Social interaction
  • Sense of hope
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Sense of awe and wonder for nature
  • Reminiscing

This project provides participants with the opportunity to witness the growth and development of a seed. In the warmth and safety of their home they can watch the seed grow into a little seedling and then develop into a beautiful flowering plant. Planting seeds in the winter gives a sense of hope for spring and being back outside in the garden. 

Geraniums need to be started from seed much earlier than most annuals. Start them indoors in January, or February the latest. Most garden centres, hardwares stores and grocery stores will start selling seeds, including geraniums, in January.


  1. Put peat pellets in a bowl or bucket and add water. The peat pellets will absorb the water and expand. Give each participant 3-4 expanded peat pellets.
  2. Ask participants to open one hand and put seeds on the palm of their hand. Some participants may prefer picking the seeds up from the table. In this case, put the seeds on a white piece of paper so they are more visible. 
  3. Plant one seed per peat pellet.
  4. Put all planted peat pellets in a plastic tray.
  5. Keep a plastic lid on top of the tray until seeds have sprouted.
  6. For best results put the planted seeds under a grow light for 12 hours per day.
  7. Keep soil moist and check a couple times per week for water.
  8. Transplant seedlings when second set of leaves are visible. Plant into 4 inch containers. If space is not an issue, then use 6 inch pots. This will provide the plants with more space to grow.
  9. Set up sticky cards around the seedlings to trap plant pests.
  10. Don't allow the soil to dry completely. Check seedlings twice per week for water. 
  11. Bring geraniums outside one to two weeks before they are going to be planted to harden them off. Keep them in partial sun to prevent leaf burn and check 3 to 4 times per week for water. Bring them inside or cover with plastic if frost is in the forecast. 

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix



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