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Rediscovering Awe and Beauty

I feel disenchantment and boredom more often like I’d like to admit. I think it’s because I get caught up in the daily To Do’s, and this takes away feelings of ease and lightness I yearn for.

And yet, there is such an easy remedy for this.

It is amazing how many times I feel awakened from my dream of disenchantment just by looking closely at a leaf or flower. I mean really looking.

cabbage white butterfly 

All of a sudden what was ordinary becomes extraordinary. I see the brilliant colours of the flower growing in my garden. I notice the unusual reproductive parts in the shape of tiny tubes and rods. I notice the bugs in the flower that are enjoying a great meal. A sense of magic and intimacy is felt, and feelings of indifference dissipate. The feeling of awe re-awakens my senses and reminds me that I’m alive.  

Once this awe is re-discovered I often ask myself “why didn’t I ever notice you before?” It reminds me to stay more present to the beauty around me more often.  

I encourage you to do the following activity whenever you notice yourself feeling like you need a boost of inspiration. 

Go outside for a stroll in your yard or neighbourhood green space. When you get to a flower/plant that you feel attracted to, go over to it and try this activity:  

The Curious Far-Sighted Artist 

Look at the flower/plant and then imagine that a curious artist comes over with their palette and canvas. The artist is wondering what you’re looking at but is far-sighted (has trouble seeing things up close) and has forgotten their glasses. The artist asks if you could please describe the flower/leaf to them in detail so that they can paint a picture of it on their canvas as you describe it.  

In your mind, describe the plant/flower in as much detail as you can, slowly and carefully scanning the plant with your eyes.  

What you notice gets transferred onto the canvas through your careful description so you want to make sure you don’t miss any details, such as:  

  • What colour do you see? 
  • How are the petals shaped?  
  • What do the centre parts of the flower look like?  
  • Is the stem hairy? 
  • What are the shapes of the leaves?  Do they have wavy or sharp-toothed edges? What is the pattern of the veins on the leaves?  

Even doing this activity for just a few moments can bring awe back into your day, rejuvenating you to make the day flow with more ease.


Written By: Lea Tran

Lea Tran is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and creator of The Path Clearing Process, a life purpose re-discovery program that connects you with your purpose and authentic self with the help of your nature allies. You can download her free video training series, Discover The Path To Your Purpose: Through This One Mindset Shift Nature Teaches by visiting her website:  




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