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Sun Painting On Fabric With Nature  

There are special fabric paints that can create imprints of natural material on fabric with the help of the sun.

sunpainting 1

This kind of fabric paint can be found at art and craft stores. Cotton fabric, such as tote bags and t-shirts, works best for this paint.  

Following the instructions on the container, you apply the paint on the fabric and then place leaves or flowers onto the fabric.

sunpainting 2

The painted fabric with the plant material is put outside in direct sunlight for 30-45 min. Place small rocks on the plant material if it is windy outside. 

sunpainting 3

After the fabric has been in the sun, remove the leaves and apply heat to the fabric, using an iron, for 2-3 minutes. The heat will help set the design so that it can be machine washed. 

sunpainting 4

I used a tomato leaf from my tiny little garden for this sun painting project. The tomato leaf design is in celebration of my very first community garden plot.  I plan on matting and framing this fabric to create a beautiful picture to hang up on the wall.  

This project is a great way to bring your favorite plant material into your home using your creativity and imagination. This project would make a wonderful gift for someone using plant material from their own garden. Perhaps a natural design could be used in memory of someone special to you. This would be a fun activity for kids, creating their very own t-shirt designs using plant material they collected.

Happy Growing, 

Trina Alix 

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