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How To Re-pot An Aloe Vera Plant


pot types



Glazed terra cotta                       Unglazed clay                  ceramic                                                                                                     

When choosing the container, consider porosity and drainage. The unglazed clay pot in the centre is the most porous (permeable by water) so soil in it will dry out relatively quickly. The advantage to having a porous container is that it helps to prevent roots from becoming too wet. Non porous materials include glazed terra-cotta, plastic and metal. These pots are fine to use – just be careful not to over-water. These pots are ideal for those who don’t want to water as frequently.

A drainage hole in the bottom of the pot will help to remove excess water and prevent waterlogged soil. Remember to provide over-head shelter in heavy rains for any pots left outside with no drainage holes.
When choosing a pot size, choose one that is 2 inches wider than the original.

the proper sized pot

Partially and loosely fill the new bigger container with potting soil (not garden soil or black earth). Initially fill it enough so that when the original container is placed in the new pot, both pots are level with each other.

re-potting houseplant

Now it is time to take the plant out of its original pot. The roots will probably look pot-bound. Coax the roots to grow into its new environment by gently loosening the roots out with fingers before placing it in the new pot.

re-potting aloe vera

Place the plant in the new pot, centering it.

placing plant in pot

Once you're done re-potting, your plant will have room to spread its roots and you'll both feel better!

Loosely fill the rest of the container with potting soil up to the rim. When it is watered for the first time, the soil will sink down as the air pockets in the soil get filled.






watering newly potted plant


Add some more potting soil to the pot and gently pack down until the soil is about ½ an inch below the rim of the pot. Voila! The plant is now in its new pot and can spread its roots!

re-pot aloe vera



Written By: Lea Tran

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