Garden Therapy Notes

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Winter Activities


  • Forcing Flowering Branches
    Forcing Forsythia branches to flower proved to be a magical and surprising experience for participants. Observations and instructions on how to force forsythia branches to flower in the winter. This is an uplifting project that can bring a sense of hope for spring.
  • Planting Geranium Seeds
    It was amazingl how easy it was for residents to grow this hardy flowering annual. Add this planting project to your January calendar.
  • The Art Of Flowering Pressing
    Included are simple instructions on how to make a flower presser. Learn how to properly press and store flowers and leaves. Pressed flowers and leaves can be used for creative art activities such as making cards, pictures and jewelry.
  • Making Cards Out Of Pressed Flowers
    You can make uniquely creative greeting cards for your friends and family using pressed flowers and a few other materials. These cards are great for those in your life who appreciate pretty homemade things. This would be a great activity for making Valentine's Day cards!

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