Experience Your Garden

The next time you are in your garden, I want you to experience it. Let go of the chores that need to be done in your garden and let go of the imperfections that you see. Give yourself the opportunity to just walk into your garden and connect with your senses. The purpose of experiencing the garden is to help “plant” yourself in the moment. Being in the moment means that you are focused on what is happening around you rather than being lost in the chatter of your mind or consumed by negative feelings.

Here are a few ways to “plant” yourself in the moment:

  • Walk into your garden and focus your attention on all the different colors of flowers. Notice the different patterns on the petals and leaves. The beauty you find may spark your curiousty and perhaps give you a sense of inspiration. It may pull your attention away from your negative feelings and shift you towards more positive. Cosmos
  • Acknowledge any thoughts and feelings you experience, both good and bad, while in the garden. Don’t try to mask or bury the negative feelings and thoughts. Simply try acknowledging them, placing no judgment on them and letting them go. Then return your attention to your senses. The garden can be a wonderful helper in trying to get your attention, again and again.

Red Cabbage

  • Reach for a flower and bring it closer to you. Notice the tiny details and all the little bits that make the flower wholeMassive Sunflower
  • Bend down or perhaps sit on the ground and touch the plants to reveal their texture. What is soft in the garden? What is smooth?


  • Search the garden for fragrant herbs and smell them. It’s amazing how our sense of smell can promote memories and feelings.

Move through the garden as you wish. There is no agenda, just the experience. Give yourself this opportunity, outside of the your regular gardening duties, to connect with your senses and ultimately connect with yourself.

Consider journaling about your experience in the garden and include fragrant leaves and beautiful flowers you collected at that time. Perhaps share the experience with a friend, neighbor or family member so that they too can benefit from simply being in your garden.

Happy Growing,

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