Frosted Jars With Autumn Leaves


These frosted mason jars with warm colors of autumn make a perfect decoration for the month of November. Use them in a center piece on a dining table or coffee table. They would look beautiful on a window ledge in the sunlight.

IMG_20140928_175738_hdrTo create these jars I started with some fresh autumn leaves that I collected and pressed. To press them, I placed the leaves in between the pages of a book. I placed several other books on top to keep the leaves flat while they dried. It takes about a week for autumn leaves to press and dry completely.


Pressed leaves can be stiff and difficult to stick to round glass containers. Soak pressed leaves in water for 15-20 minutes. This will make it easier to bend the leaf while gluing it around the glass jar.


Apply a thick coat of craft glue on the jar and place a leaf on top. Now, apply glue on top of the leaf. You may need to continue brushing the glue over the edges of the leaf to make it stick. Don’t worry about where to place the leaf. Allow the leaf to land in place like a leaf falling from a tree. Nature doesn’t have a calculated spot for its leaves to land.

Once the leaves are glued in place, spread glue over the entire jar to create the frost. No need to put glue inside the jar or on the bottom. Let the glue dry for 10-15 minutes and then apply more glue to any edges that may be sticking up.

IMG_20141109_182156_editAllow the glue to dry for 4-6 hours. For safety reasons, I recommend using flameless tea lights only.


Trina Alix