Appreciating Unique Ecosystems in Ontario – Tall Grass Prairie and Oak Savanna

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the Ojibawa Nature Centre in Windsor Ontario. Walking the trails was especially wonderful because I was able to explore two special and unique ecosystems in Ontario: tall grass prairie and oak savanna. What I found fascinating about these two ecosystems is that they both require a natural stress, such as fire, to maintain balance and thrive.

Tall Grass Prairie – Once was very common, but fewer now because of human development. Mostly consisting of grasses. Rare specie of flora and fauna can be found in this Southern Ontario ecosystem and there is now great efforts to protect them and their habitat.

prarie grassland

Oak Savanna – An endangered ecosystem consisting mostly of oaks. Some grasses and wildflowers can be found in open spaces..

oak savana

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix



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